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Psychosocial Recovery Coaching

A Psychosocial Recovery Coach is an NDIS support item for participants with a psychosocial disability and also require support managing complexities around daily living. The aim of recovery coaching is to increase participants’ social and economic independence and participation through the provision of capacity building supports.

At Developing Lives our Recovery Coaches focus on coaching participants to have greater participation in managing their lives. Recovery coaches work collaboratively with participants, their families, carers and other services to design, plan and implement a recovery plan, and assist with the coordination of NDIS and other supports.

Our recovery coaches aim to: 

  • Build a recovery-enabling relationship based on hope

  • Help their customers to understand their human rights and supporting them to build up their capacity for self-advocacy

  • Support their customers in developing goals for their life through recovery planning

  • Coaching to build on strengths, knowledge, skills, resilience, and decision-making

  • Provide information and advice

  • Help their customer to understand and effectively use NDIS and other services and resources

  • Collaborate with broader services systems to assist in ensure supports are responsive to the participants requirements and helping them achieve their recovery goals

  • Support engagement with the NDIS

  • Assisting their customers to connect positively with family and friends

  • Linking customers with mental health, health and other services particularly when they are unwell

Initially our recovery coaches will focus on relationship building and supporting our customer’s recovery-planning. A key task is to reach a shared understanding of the customer’s goals, priorities, strengths and resources, and possible barriers that might be experienced. Equipped with this shared understanding and consistent with the expressed preferences, recovery coaches will support customers to gain maximum benefit from their NDIS plan by linking with NDIS providers and other relevant supports including clinical mental health services.

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