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Why Choose Developing Lives?

At Developing Lives, we are committed to supporting people living with disability to maximize the amount of enjoyment and growth they get out of life. Our ability to assist across multiple domains has been of great benefit to our clients. We provide both in-person and telehealth Social Work support in the NDIS. This includes direct mental health support, assessment and case management. 

Social Work

The beauty of Social Work in the NDIS is that our workers are not restricted to one specific domain, such as housing or education. We can consider all aspects of a person's situation, factoring strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (yes, the good old SWAT analysis, but has it been done?) as well as areas for growth and development.


Working with the participant we help uncover solutions that form part of a roadmap. This is then used to educate and direct supports to assist participants and their care teams in moving forward. Unlike other services Social Work does not need to stop there, we can continue to work both with and alongside individuals and teams to ensure that the destination in the roadmap is reached. We specialize in the provision of psychosocial and mental health assessments, supports and recovery.

Mental Health Supports

Everyone should have access to quality mental health assessment and support. Developing Lives specializes in provision of Mental Health support in the NDIS. Our ability to work with a participant within their environment is of particular benefit and overcomes many obstacles other providers of psychological support may encounter. 


We are able to assist with Functional Capacity Assessment Reports (Psychosocial and other disability) along with the ABAS-3, WHODAS-2 & Vineland-3 assessments beneficial for goal creation, development assessment along with NDIS plan reviews.


In line with our philosophy of recovery and development we also offer the substance recovery program, The Matrix Model. Re-engage! Our social and community engagement program and case management support.

Please look at each page to find out more or get in touch via our contact page.

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